View paintings in progress Commissions and Prices For pet portraits please select a few photographs with the pose you would like your pet to be in.  Please make sure your photographs are of a high quality, in focus and with the right colouration.  The quality of the painting really depends on this.  To assist I have provided a  few tips on photography here. Using the guide opposite please consider the size of painting that you wish and the background you would like - diffuse or scenic.  Other sizes are available (ie. letterbox) which maybe more suited to multiple animals on one  painting. Once you have emailed me photograph I can advise on backgrounds,  aspects (landscape or portrait orientation) and provide a final quotation.  For other pictures, such as landscapes or house portraits, again the painting will largely depend on the quality of the photograph and if you have any special requests we can discuss before work starts. Timing- paintings typically take 6-8weeks to complete as they are often performed in stages that require drying and I have to fit them around other commitments.  An approximate completion timeframe is provided once the commission is accepted, but please leave plenty of time if it’s for a special occasion.  Christmas can be a peak period! I will provide progress photographs throughout the painting process so you can see the portrait/landscape progress and any feedback can be incorporated. When complete I will prove a final photograph of your painting for your approval and I will request payment (cheque or PayPal) before dispatch. All paintings are done on quality stretched canvases, using traditional techniques.  Paintings are supplied unframed and postage and packing is not included. Size (in) Price Guide Extra Pet Detailed Background £165 £185 £220 £250 £95 £85 £50 N/A £65 £45 £30 £20 Suitability Best suited to head or head/shoulder portraits Best suited for head,  head/shoulder and small body portraits. Suitable for head, head/shoulder, body, and multiple subjects Suitable for head, head/shoulder, body, and multiple subjects 12"x10” 30x25 cm 14"x10”/ 14x12” 35x25 cm 16x12” 40x30 cm 20x16” 50x40 cm This table provides a guide to common portraits sizes and prices.  Other  sizes of canvas are available and may be more suited to multiple subjects or  certain portraits or landscapes. Contact Details Please contact me for further details, advice, to send photographs or receive a quotation. Tel.  01339 881 553 or 07919 298832   Pet Portrait Price Guide