View paintings in progress Pet Portrait Galleries Dogs Cats Other Animals Pet Portraits  A painting of your canine, feline or equine companion (or any other animal!) provides a long lasting tribute to your pet or a unique personalised gift.  Paintings are performed using artist grade oil paints on high quality stretched canvases in a variety of sizes and are delivered to your door ready to frame. I work from photographs of your pet in either digital or hard copy format.  It is important to have high quality, in focus photographs in the pose required in order achieve to a realistic effect.  A guide to taking suitable photographs is provided below. Classical portraits show head and shoulders of the aminal with a diffuse background or you may opt for a full body portrait.  As an alternative, you may prefer to depict your pet in a scenic setting - even if from a different photograph.  Pets can be painted by themselves, in multiples or as a matching pair.  Prices and standard sizes for portraits are shown under the  Commissions and Prices menu.   Examples of my work are in the galleries to the right along with original client photographs.   Photography Tips Best poses are achieved when the camera is at eye level with the animal. Kneel down and use the macro function on the camera and get someone to distract your pet with a toy or treat to ensure that they are as still as possible. Try not to use the flash and rely on natural light (not direct sunlight as this can result in over exposure especially for lighter coloured animals Take lots of pictures and select the best quality and best poses!